Shooting Star’s Update

Since we last met we have had a few changes. At the end of December Shooting Star moved and we ventured into a bigger and more exciting building with a lot more space for us to spread our wings and try out new things. We’re still getting our footing, but here’s a small look atContinue reading “Shooting Star’s Update”

Shooting Star’s English Presentations // Part 2

This fall, Shooting Star English held its first set of English presentations. Due to the pandemic we decided that we would hold the presentations online for the safety of the students, limiting the number of students who were present. One of the bonuses of this meant that we were able to present to parents whoContinue reading “Shooting Star’s English Presentations // Part 2”

This Week’s Writing // Nov 1st

My Favorite Room at Home, by Alex Welcome, everyone. My name is Alex I’m here to talk to you today about my favorite room in my home. I have a room that I love to spend time in, my bedroom.This is the most exciting room in my house because I can sleep.I like the bedroomContinue reading “This Week’s Writing // Nov 1st”