Book of the Month // Oct 2021

Hallowe’en is upon us and this time we have a small selection of books that may scare the wits out of you. Let’s get stuck in. A Deadly Fall By Rich Wallace A mystery is at hand. A spooky voice is calling Stu from an abandoned house on the hill. A long time ago anContinue reading “Book of the Month // Oct 2021”

Book of the Month // Sept 2021

Spork By Kyo Maclear Have you ever thought what it might be like to be different than everyone else? Spork is the child of Fork and Spoon. Whilst they both love Spork dearly, Spork can’t help but feel out of place. Is there a place that Spork can fit in? AR: 3.2 AR Quiz: YesBookContinue reading “Book of the Month // Sept 2021”

Reading Responses // September 2021

This week we have a seletion of Reading Responses from students in the past 6 months. We have a small back-log of responses that we will share with you. We have a variety of abilities here at Shooting Star English. Many of whom are just starting out reading stories for the first time. As such,Continue reading “Reading Responses // September 2021”

Reading Responses // August 2021

For the past 6 months students have been creating their own responses to the stories that they’ve been reading. Now it’s one thing for us boring adults to share our thoughts on the books that we’ve read, but how about letting the children put their ideas to paper. We have a variety of abilities hereContinue reading “Reading Responses // August 2021”