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What you see in your outer space is a reflection of what you think of in your inner space.

Aleksandra Zaric

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Here is a selection of the students’ work. There is a vast variety of work that the students here at Shooting Star English create. You’ll find reading responses, writing workshops, and comic strips, all curated by the students with only the slightest of guidance from the teacher. Each student will have a focus, whether that be to review a story that they have read (reading response) or to practice a grammar topic (writing workshop, comic strip). I hope you enjoy reading what the students have produced.

This Week’s Writing // July 19th

This week we took a look at some specific grammar points such as the past tenses, as well as plural nouns. Students wrote their own unique pieces of writing then sat down and conferenced with their teacher to review what they had learned in the class. Let us know what you think below.


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