Our Classrooms

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

Carl Sagan

The classroom is the current focus of the student’s education. We believe that a student should be able to have the freedom to grow and make their own choices. We provide students with iPads, dictionaries, computers, and a large library to help them expand their minds.

Main Classroom and Library

Since we have moved we tried to keep the spirit of both the library and the central focus of the students’ Main Classroom. We have a massive and accessible library of over 1,000 books that students are welcome to check out and take home. The books we have collected over the years are designed to compliment not only your child’s curiosity, but also our AR quiz system.

When class starts, the students turn their attention to the white board and their instructor. Our classroom’s main focus is to create an atmosphere of creativity and discussion.

Our Main Classroom is limited to 5 students (though we have 6 desks for flexibility). As with the previous iteration of Shooting Star, we aim to give as much 1:1 time to the students as they need. This is probably the room we are most proud of.

Second Classroom

In our second classroom students will study with their Korean Teacher – Victoria Teacher. They’ll mainly focus on phonics for the beginner students and grammar for the intermediate and advanced students.

Middle school students will also focus on their Middle School studies. As with the Main Classroom the classroom size is limited to a maximum of 5 students at a time to fully maximise the teacher’s ability to meet the students’ requirements.

Independent Study Room

For the students who arrive early, or those who need a little extra tuition, we have provided an independent study room for students to practice their studies. This can be as simple as reading a book and finding their 5 new vocabulary words for the week, or practicing their typing skills using typing.com on our provided laptops.

We aim to give the students all the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Why don’t you come and take a look for yourself? If you have any questions about what we do at Shooting Star, please give us a call, or complete contact us here.

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