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First established in 2017, Shooting Star English is the culmination of Dave and Victoria’s desire to help change the way children are taught to children in South Korea.

We noticed that a lot of children that we had taught from the larger academies tended to lack in some of the foundational skills that they needed to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of Korean education. That, coupled with the fact that there’s a massive disparity between elementary school and middle school expectations; we knew that we had to offer something different to make sure that the student’s needs wouldn’t get left out.

We created a curriculum using many of the current resources, as well as many of the skills that Dave picked up though the Masters of Education that he practices, as well as through the professional development at Uchon Elementary School, we devised a step-by-step plan that gives the students the skills they need for success.

We consider small group tuition – 4 to 5 students at a time – the best model for our students to succeed. We aim to give the students the tools to grow, using skilled and practitioned teachers as our guides such as Lucy Caulkins, Fountas and Pinnell, as well as Stephen Krashen; whom Dave had the fortune of working with when Stephen visited Uchon in 2018 for a research project.

And it’s working so far. Many of students achieve well academically at their school and we have retained many of our students at Shooting Star since we began in December 2017. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our offline curriculum, turned our school into an online office and taught students in small groups as well as 1:1 classes using the Zoom online platform. Both Victoria and Dave will adapt to any and all situations and are prepared.

We look forward to meeting your children. We know that there’s something that we can both offer each other. If you’re interested in getting in touch, please fill out the form, or give Victoria a call on the phone number above.

Let’s learn something together.

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