This Week’s Writing // Nov 1st

Hello! It’s been a while since we’ve been here. We’ve been working on our presentations. The students have been grinding their mental gears extremely hard to create magical peices of writing for you. This is just part one of many presentations that students have prepared.

My Favorite Room at Home, by Alex

Welcome, everyone. My name is Alex I’m here to talk to you today about my favorite room in my home.

I have a room that I love to spend time in, my bedroom.
This is the most exciting room in my house because I can sleep.
I like the bedroom because I can sleep so much.
The bedroom is the best room in my house, and I spend all the time I can there. What do you like to do in your favorite room?

Technology I Would Invent to Change the Future, by Henry Jeong

Hello, I’m Henry and I’d like to talk to you about a technology I think is important ad that we should invent to improve our future. I want to invent a teleport technology like Doctor Strange. I think it’s important because we can move from our home to restaurants or banks quickly. I think teleport technology needs many materials because the technology is not possible yet. We will need to create new technologies in the future to make teleport technologies.

These days, the confirmed covid cases grows because people gather in crowded places. I want to solve this problem because if the Covid-19 confirmed cases continues to rise, then I cannot go outside, I can’t go to my classes, and I won’t be able to go to school. I don’t like to study online until 3:30 in the afternoon.

If I invent the teleport technology, people must still wear their masks when they visit places. If they can think this way, they will not gather with their friends without masks.

I hope that I can invent this technology soon. If you could solve a problem with technology, what would you fix? Thank you for listening today.

Technology in Film, by Jay Cho

Hello, my name is Jay. Today I will introduce what I think is important film technology. There were two changes in history.

The First film ratio was created by Kennedy Dickson. He wanted to use 35mm film, so he decided use 4 films at once and thus created the 4:3 ratio. But the inclusion of sound also changed the movie market. Filmmakers wanted to include record a line next to the film, so the ratio became smaller.

Nowadays filmmakers use regular theatre ratio sizes, but they have special ratios, and in the movie market there are many ratios. I will introduce some of my favourite ratios. 

First is IMAX digital ratio. This ratio has more information than other regular ratios. They make the background feel very wide. This ratio includes Avengers Endgame, Blade runner 2049 and 1917 to name but a few.

Second is Imax laser ratio many Christopher Nolan films use this ratio. The characteristics of this ratio shape is square and to record movies, the makers use films. This ratio feels tall, so the audience feels a whole new experience. This ratio includes Tenet, The Dark Knight, and the upcoming Marvel film The Eternals. If you want to experience in the Korea there is only one theatre with this screen.

So today I have introduced film ratio what I think not only in history but also fun. Thank you for listening.

The Best Day I’ve Ever Had, By David Kim

Welcome, everyone. My name is David. I’m here to talk to you today about the best day I had with my family.

I love to be with my family. Every day is a special day. But there was once a very special day that we had together. This was the time that my family and I went to Taiwan.
This was the most exciting day because we flew to Taiwan by plane, ate meat skewers, and bought souvenirs.

First, we flew to Taiwan by plane. It was fun because flying is really fun. I love flying in planes.

Next, we ate meat skewers. It was fun because the meat skewers were delicious.

Last, we bought souvenirs. It was fun because the souvenirs were so cool. We bought Taiwanese toys.

This was the most exciting day I’ve ever had with my family. What days have you had that were so special?

Korea in 2071, By Jayden Jeon

Hello, my name is Jayden. Today I’ll talk about Korean future technology. In 2071 Korea will have changed and have new technology.

First there will be the fastest Internet in the world in Korea. So, we can use good Internet to watch videos or message something. Or play cool and amazing interactive games with people will around the world.

Second, there will be many robots compared to now. The robots will be smarter than now so they will make our life more comfortable. So, they will clean my room or make some food for me. Then our life will be comfortable.

Last, there will be Hydrogen fuelled cars. It’s because it is good for nature. So, I think many people will use it. It’s because many cars use gas to drive a car. This gas is bad for the environment and also our health. People will want to change. So, I think many people will use it.

I think Korea will be different for these three reasons. What do you think Korea will be like in the future? Do you think there will be many changes? Thank you for listening.

The Most Influential Technology in Human History, By Chloe Kim

Hello, everyone, my name is Chloe and I’m here to talk to you about the most influential technology that has changed humans’ lives.

Technology is a means of processing to be useful in human life by applying the theory of science. So what objects and means help people comfortably live their lives? For example, there are cell phones means of transportation. But I think the technology that helped human life the most is therapeutic technology, because therapeutic technology keeps someone alive.

Therapeutic technology made the Covid-19 vaccine for people. Then people around the world were healthier than before. And the therapeutic technology made the body healthy by finding a cure for those who are struggling with many different diseases such as Polio, Cholera and Smallpox. If there were no treatment technology in human life, human life might not have survived and all would have disappeared.

So treatment technology is the most influential technology in human life because even if there are many diseases, treatment technologies are saving people and many people are living. What do you think has shaped our lives the most? Thank you for listening today.

Show and Tell – My Favorite Insect, By Hyunsang Yun

Hello, my name is Hyunsang. Today, I will show you my favorite insect.  
This is my favorite insect.
My favorite insect is a beetle.
The beetle is brown.
It has a big horn and a small horn.
The beetle eats tree sap.
The beetle lives in the mountains.
I think the beetle is very cute.
The beetle can also fly.
What insect do you like? Thank you for listening. Good bye.

Hallowe’en Memories, By Jamie Lee

Good evening, everyone. My name is Jamie and I have a magical story to tell you. Please sit tight and listen carefully.
            The wind blew. The sun disappeared and the darkness came. It was the 31st of October. It was Hallowe’en. When the sun went down, people lit up the square. All the streets were decorated in orange, black and purple.
            In the purple roofed house, there was a girl named Carmen on the cellphone with her friend Allen.
            “Okay, costume? Of course, witch! Don’t worry. Your face looks like an alien. Sorry. BYE!!!” and Carmen hung up the phone.
Both the friends loved Hallowe’en. They went to a special trick-or-treat party.
The shadows of the houses were low down on the street. Carmen and Allen knocked on the shadow of a house.
            Knock-knock. “Trick-or-treat.” they shouted.
            Then a shadow door open and a woman gave candy. In the candy there was a girl who flew a kite. That’s the woman’s memory.
            The girls went to the next shadow house. Knock-knock. “Trick-or-treat.” they yelled.
            A man gave the children jelly. In the jelly they saw a boy with a bruise. His parents pacified the boy.
            The children knocked on a final door. Knock-knock. “Trick-or-treat.” they shouted.
            An old lady gave a jam cookie. There was a woman and a man who were married.
            Carmen and Allen knocked on all the doors or the shadow houses. They collected all the memories in the treats. The girls melted the treats. Happy, sad, angry, jealous, excited. They made candies with the used memories. If you eat them, you will think of your precious memories.
            Sweet treat, sweet memory. Happy Hallowe’en.
            The end. Thank you for listening to my story.

This is just part one of the writing that the students created. We will upload another batch of presentations later in the month. As you can see the students put in amazing work. Each stage of our curriculum as stated before was divided into differentiated groups for the students, ensuring that they were able to complete the task they were asked to do. We also provided the students with hopefully fun topics so that they would be interested in presenting. If you would like to see what our presentations looked like, you can click here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see an example of our presentations, check out the embedded video below.

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