Book of the Month // May 2022

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you look like, as long as somebody loves you.

Roald Dahl

May is often known as the month of the family. Why you might ask? Well we celebrate our parents and our children. We also celebrate our beloved teachers of course.

In honour of family month, we’ve compiled some books for you to enjoy.

Little Naomi, Little Chick

By Avirama Golan

Things are changing in the world of Little Chick. It seems like some people in their family are going off to other things. Have things like this happened to you?

Abby Visits the Big City

By Connie Colwell Miller

Two sisters take different paths as they explore the differences between the bustling big city and chilled-out country life. What would you chose?

Mother’s Day and Other Family Days

By Reagan Miller

Celebrations aren’t always the same around the world. How are some celebrations about family celebrated and what’s their beginning (origin)?

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