Shooting Star’s Update

We’ve made a few changes

Since we last met we have had a few changes. At the end of December Shooting Star moved and we ventured into a bigger and more exciting building with a lot more space for us to spread our wings and try out new things. We’re still getting our footing, but here’s a small look at how things are taking shape.

Our new classroom.

Creative Writing with a Lego Block Twist

To start off the blog in style, we thought we’d give the students a chance to blow off some steam. One of my favourite things to do during vacation is to build things. Since we moved we were able to find the Lego that we had stashed away for a rainy day. So, we brushed off the dust and got out thinking minds in gear. All stories are unedited and from the student’s minds.

Practicing Skills


This was a fun start to something that I would definitely like to continue. In hindsight I would create worksheets to help some of the students who struggled to think about the setting, characters, and problems of their stories.

The next logical step I see for this will be to ask students to join small groups and create short stop-motion videos. The students will add the voice-overs, sound effects and narration all on their own. I’ve tried this in the past with a small group of middle-school students, but not on a larger scale. It would be awesome to see how this goes down and how creative the children can be.

Until next time.

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