This Week’s Writing // Nov 15th

Welcome to the second edition of Shooting Star’s English Presentations. Here you can see the scripts that the students wrote. We will be uploading a few more presentation in the near future.

Technology to Prevent Global Warming, by Ben Jung

           Good evening, everyone. My name is Ben Jung and I have an extremely urgent topic that I’d like to discuss with you today. Global warming.
Have you have ever heard about ‘Global Warming’? Global Warming is what the earth is currently facing which is changing the earth’s climate. Most people do not take the issue seriously. However, it is really serious problem.

The world changed ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Global heating’ and ‘Climate change’ to ‘Climate crisis.’ But how have we made the earth have such a high temperature? It is because of green-house gases. Green-house gases are gases which are made by fossil fuels which release CO2. It blocks heat which the earth usually sends out to space, so the earth becomes hotter.

If the average air temperature rises by 2oC, a tipping point will arrive. A tipping point is a moment at which the earth can’t come back to a normal temperature again. When the tipping point comes, the earth becomes too hot, but humans do anything won’t to stop it.

If the average air temperature rises by 3oC, we will meet chaos on earth. So how do we stop ‘Global Warming’? The best solution is stopping to using fossil fuels. For example, using electric cars is a good thing for the earth. Many companies which make cars should develop the cleaner technology of electric cars. Also, the world should use more green energy which is generated by the sun, wind, and water. All of the world’s companies should be interested in green energy and develop technology by investing in newer technologies like solar and wind farms.

We can do better for our world by driving cars less, recycling more, and eating less meat. I trust we can save the earth. Let’s do more for the earth! Thank you!

Imagine You Were Small Enough to Ride an Ant, By Suzie Park.

Hello, I’m Henry and I’d like to talk to you about a technology I think is important ad that we should

Hello, I am Suzie. I’m here today to tell you a short story. Let me begin.
Yesterday, I drank a strange juice. When I woke up, I had become very small! I met an ant. It’s name is Moly. Moly can talk with me! And I can ride her! We went to a garden. The grass was very big! Suddenly, Moly ran to a big hole.
But Moly ran and ran. There was something in the hole.
“What is it…? Is it an ant?” I said.
The otter ant and Moly played together. They were best friends! We played together. And we went to a small stream of water. Moly brought me a leaf. Moly rode the leaf on the small stream of water. It looked fun!
“Come here! It is fun! It’s not scary!” Moly said.
“Ha ha! It is so fun! It’s like a water slide!” I said.
And we went back home.
When I woke up the next day, I had turned back to my original size! Moly and I are best friends!
The End.

My Favorite Room in My Home, by Amy Ahn

Hello, everyone I’m Amy Ahn, Nice to meet you. I’m here to tell you about the favorite room in my house. My favorite room in my house is our living room. I like this room for 3 reasons, the TV, the sofa, and the games we play. Let me tell you more.

First, I like the TV because I can watch dramas. I can watch shows like Jjangu with my brother, Henry. It is very funny.

Second, I love the sofa because I can watch the TV shows on the sofa.

Third, I like the games. I usually play Roblox with my brother, Henry. We have so much fun together playing this game.

The living room is the best room in our house for these reasons. What is the most fun room in your house? What do you like to do there? Thank you for listening to my presentation.

Show and Tell, by Rex Hwang

Hello, my name is Rex. Today I will show you my favorite animal.
My favorite animal is the killer whale.
The killer whale is black and white.
Killer whales have very sharp teeth.
The killer whale lives in the sea.
Killer whales also sleep in the sea.
The killer whale eats fish.
Killer whales live with other killer whales in a family or a pod.
What is your favorite animal? Thank you for listening to my presentation.

Imagine You Have a Superpower, by Lucy Kim

Hello. I`m Lucy and I have a magical story I`d like to share with you today. Please hold tight while I begin.

Last night I wished I could have a superpower; I want to be like Wonder Woman. I was in bed then; I went to sleep…. In the morning, I woke up and I got ready for school. I said to my mom “I don’t want to go to school” as a wish. So, mom said “Lucy, you don’t need to go to school today. Your teacher is so sick.” I was so happy.
I thought hard, then I said “I don’t want to be a child anymore! I want to be an adult.” POOF!  I changed into an adult with a big sound. I can also change my city to be what I want. It was so fun!
But I had a problem…. If I changed anything I wanted, the world would become so dizzy. If my teacher was sick, I can’t go to school until we find a new teacher. So, I will never see my teacher nor go to school. Also, if I`m an adult right now, my mom will become a grandma. What if my friends will not know who I am because I`m an adult?
I said “No”.  And I woke up in my bed. I said “I don`t want a superpower. I like who I am now!” And I went to school. Thank goodness everything was a dream. The end. Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed that magical tale.

Imagine You Can Talk to the Trees, by Ryan Kim

Good afternoon, everyone, my name is Ryan. I have a mysterious story is tell you today. One day, I  was walking and I crossed the road. After crossing the road, I suddenly tripped and knocked my head.

I collapsed. After two hours, I woke. I could hear someone talking, but there wasn’t anyone in my room. There was only my succulent in my room. I understood what this meant. I got supernatural powers!

Then I ran to the forest because there are many trees and lots of grass. I arrived at the forest. Then, an old pine tree spoke to me. It looked excited.

I spoke with it for an hour. Then I saw oak trees. They were very angry because people cut down many oak trees. I apologized to the oak trees.

Finally, I went back home and sleep. When I woke up, I went back to the forest. But I couldn’t hear the trees speaking any more. I was disappointed. Was it all just a dream? Thank you for listening to my fantastic story!

The Person I Resemble the Most in My Family, by Joey Chang

Welcome everyone, my name is Joey. I’m here to talk to you about the person I resemble the most in my family. We all have someone who we act like in our family. I act more like my dad. I am more like my dad because we like sports, we like games, and we are both fun!

 First, my dad and I both look similar. I look like my dad and have his personality. We both so very similar things.

Next, my dad and I both like games. My dad and I play many games together. We always play the game MiniVille. Have you heard of it?

Finally, my dad and I both have fun. Beca se we like fun. We like to tell fun stories.

I like to do these things with my dad. Who do you act more like in your family? Thank you for listening today.

My Childhood Imagination, by Sunny Shin

Hello, everyone, my name is Sunny. I’m here to tell you about my childhood imagination. When I was seven years old, I had a fun imagination. I wanted to teleport! So, I made a machine called The Twinkle-Twinkle Teleporter. This dream was very useful because I couldn’t walk, so it was great.

One day, my aunt left for Canada. I liked her so much, so I imagined that I could teleport there. I was so happy when I teleported to my aunt. My aunt has a new house. My aunt’s new house has a garden, a dog, and even a house for the dog! The dog is a retriever. The dog’s name is Bark.

When I returned to my house, I teleported my family to my aunt’s house. My family was very excited. My aunt’s family and my family had a great time. We were inside my aunt’s house. The house is very cool.

Last, we teleported to Niagara Falls. It’s a popular waterfall in Canada. I was so amazing. My family and I had a great time with my aunt’s family. When we returned to my house, we thought lots about our trip to Canada. I really wish I could make my imagination come true.

This is the second part of the writing that we created. Each stage of our curriculum was divided into differentiated groups for the students, ensuring that they were able to complete the task they were asked to do. We also provided the students with hopefully fun topics so that they would be interested in presenting. If you would like to see what our presentations looked like, you can click here.

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