Our Writing // March 2023

Welcome back to our updated student’s writing. We’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to allow the students practice their typing skills. You’ll see that they’ve all come a real long way. I hope that you enjoy the work that they’ve accomplished.

The Martian, Andy Weir ; Ain Kim

I’d like to report the book, The Martian. This book was released in 2015. There is some interesting information about the writer. He was interested in science. And at 15, he become a computer programmer at Sandea lab. So I think we can trust this book. 

 The story can be divided into four parts. The first part takes place on Mars, Mark is left alone. The second part take places on both Mars and Earth. It shows NASA finding Mark alive. On Mars, Mark tries to find pathfinder to contact NASA. The third part takes place on both Mars and Earth. At that time, Mark successfully contacts NASA an explosion stops the communication. The fourth part take place on Earth.  NASA finds a way for Mark to come back to Earth. So, Mark comes to Earth. 

This is a Sci-fi novel with lots of science vocabulary. It catches the eyes of people and is very interesting. If you have time, why don’t you read it? 

Coco; Amy Ahn

I’d like to summarize the movie, Coco. This movie is a very popular animation movie.  But this movie is little sad. Let’s begin. 

In part 1, Miguel’s family banned music. Because Miguel’s relative was a singer in a band. One day, he left the bend, but a band’s member killed him. This made Miguel’ family banned music. Miguel still liked music. 

In part 2, Miguel saw a music festival poster. Miguel wanted to join this festival. But his family didn’t give him permission. Miguel wanted to join the festival, so he sold his guitar. 

In part 3, Miguel played the guitar, and he went to otherworld. He met his relatives. His relatives wanted Miguel to return this world. But he didn’t want to return.  In the end, all the secrets were revealed. Finally, Miguel returned this world. And he sang a song to his grandmother. She remembers her dad. The family changed their mind about music. 

In my opinion, this movie is about the otherworld and this world. I recommend this movie because it is very fun. Thank you. 

Matilda, Roald Dahl; Jamie Lee

Hello, everyone. I’d like to summarize the wonderful book, Matilda. It’s a story about a girl who has a super brain and a super power. Roald Dahl, my favourite author, wrote it. The book can be divided into 4 sections.  

 The first part describes how Matilda Wormwood is a genius. She went to the public library and read lots of novels like ‘The sound and the fury’ when she was four and half. Unfortunately, her parents weren’t good people. We don’t call ‘good people’ to the people who diddle the customers. When they did wrong, especially Mr. Wormwood, Matilda always counterattacked him by applying super glue inside of his hat, scaring her family with a parrot, and mixing his hair tonic oil to make his hair messy. How clever she is! 

 This brilliant girl went to school and surprised Miss Honey, her teacher with math and speaking. However, she couldn’t go to high level class because of Miss Trunchbull, the headmistress. She hated the children and beat them. Like throwing a girl and pull a boy’s hair in the air. It’s the reason why she called the ‘Demon of the school’. 

 One day, Matilda found her super power that can compel things without any touch, by tapping down Miss Trunchbull’s glass of water and a newt. Miss Honey was surprised with this fascinated power and took Matilda to her home. Her home was very poor than Matilda thought. She heard the story that Miss Trunchbull was Miss Honey’s aunt and beat her for a long time after her dad was died.  Matilda decided to help Miss Honey with her new power.  

 In the end, she moved chalk and wrote a message from Mr. Honey, warning Agatha, Miss Trunchbull. After that day, she was shocked and ran away from the school. In the end of the story, Matilda lived with Miss Honey after she collected her family inheritance. Because Matilda’s family all ran away to Spain to hide from the police. Anyway, they lived happily ever after. 

In conclusion I think this story is about overcoming all your problem, by being determined, just like Matilda, she never give up. She is so cool and inspirational. I think it’s a fantastic book for people to read of all ages. Thank you. 

Dragon Ball Z; Kevin Shim

Hello, I’m Kevin. I’d like to summarize DragonBall Z Namek planet and Friza episode. DragonBall Z is a Japanese famous animation. This animation is an action fantasy. This episode is divided into 4 parts. 

Part 1 takes place before this episode. Picollo and many people died so the Earth’s DragonBall went missing. So, Goku, Kririn and Burma went to Namek’s planet to find its DragonBall. 

Part 2 takes place on Namek’s planet. There we find Vegita, Friza and his army. Goku cooperates with Vegita, and they meet. In the end, they beat Friza’s Army and Ginyu’s battle army. 

Part 3 takes place during Goku’s group fight with Friza. Goku’s group revives Picollo with Namek planet’s DragonBall. Friza looked weak, but he can transform. So, Picollo and Vegita lose to Friza. Friza is angry. Because Goku hit him a lot. So, he kills Kririn. Since Goku’s best friend died, Goku is very mad. He becomes Supersaiyajin 1. Now, he is stronger than Friza. He beats Friza in a big battle. 

Part 4 takes place after Goku beats Friza. Goku goes to another planet and learns to teleport and revives people. 

In my opinion, it is much better than the DragonBall original. But the characters are becoming stronger too quickly and I think it’s bad. You should watch this show. Thank you. 

Esio Trot, Roald Dahl; Lucy Kim

I’m going to summarize the novel Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. He is my favorite writer. He always makes me imagine when I read his books. I don’t like romance that much. It is about love. But it is a lovely and beautiful love story. It shows an old person’s charm and funny idea! 

This story is in 3 main parts. Let’s begin. Mr. Hoppy is an old man. I think he is less than 70 years old. He is an ordinary man, but he lives and lives lonely. He falls in love with Mrs. Silver, but he is the most shy boy in the world. Mrs. Silver only loved a turtle named Alfie. She was worried about Alfie, because it didn’t grow. Actually, turtles live long and grow slowly. But she wanted to grow faster.  

So Mr.Hoppy decide to make her happy. he bought one hundred turtles with different sizes at the pet shop. Alos he made a Tortoise catcher.  

Next, he tricked Mrs. Silver. He gave a letter to her. At the letter, he told her If she read this magic spell, Alfie will became as bigger as you want. The magic spell started with “Esio Trot, Esio Trot….” So the title of this book is Esio Trot. After she read, he changed Alfie to an even bigger one with the Tortoise catcher. He did it many times until the Alfie the turtle become as big as its house. Eventually, they fall in and get married. 

In conclusion, this book is wonderful. I love this book also Mr. Hoppy’s idea. But real Alfie went to another owner. But she loves the fake Alfie because it’s bigger. Also he have to refund the turtles. One hundred turtle need to go back to the pet shop! Mr. Hoppy is a selfish man but I understand because people are usually selfish when they fall in love. Also Mr. Hoppy needed love. But I think they are little bit foolish. 

Dr. Doolittle’s Post Office; Ryan Kim

I’d like to report on “Dr. Dolittle’s post office. Many people love this book. The famous animal zoologist Jane Goodall read this book, too. Anyway, this book is divided into four parts. Part 1 takes place before went to the Pantipo. Part 2 is before made the post office. Part 3 is after made the post office. Part 4 takes place in the secret pond. 
In the first part of the movie, Dr. Dolittle and his animals met a crying woman from Pantipo. She lost her husband to slaver, so Dr. Dolittle caught him with his swallow called “Fast”. And he went to the Pantipo to see the king. 
In the second part, Dr. Dolittle meet the king and talked about Pantipo and the post office of Pantipo. Dr. Dolittle thought the post office isn’t good, so he made his one post office with his birds. 
In the third part, Dr. Dolittle helped the lighthouse-keeper. After that happen, he thought about importance about weather and he made weather forecast in his post office. He also made magazines for animals, too. 
In the final part, and old turtle sent a letter to Dr. Dolittle to come to the “Secret pond”. Then he went there he say bye and came back to his hometown. 
After I read this book, I thought help other people and animals for myself is good. This book is very good book, so I recommend this book to everyone, but I also really recommend this book to children who can’t read long books. This book is pretty long but it is fun! 

Flipped; Suzie Park

 Hello, I’m Suzie Chang.  I’d like to summarize the popular movie, ‘Flipped’. ‘Flipped’ was released on August 6th, 2010. The movie can be divided into 4 parts. 

In the first part of the movie, Bryce and Juli meet. He hates her, but she loves him. 

In the second part of the movie, Juli gave some eggs to Bryce. But his family didn’t eat them, because her yard was so dirty, the thought those could contain Salmonella so he threw away the eggs. She saw the he always threw away the eggs, so she hated him.  

In the third part of the movie, Juli stopped loving him. She made her garden pretty, and Bryce then began love her.  

In the last part of the movie, Juli and Bryce became good friends. They had so many troubles, he said sorry to her. 

In my opinion, the movie is a romantic, comedy, and little sad. The movie’s name Flipped describes Juli Baker and Bryce Loski’s relationship. They end up thinking differently at the end of the movie, so it’s Flipped. 

As you can see there are some amazing improvements from our students. They’re really coming along well and have integrated a lot of the skills that we have learned over the past year or so. Their presentation skills are also significantly better and I can now see students who are much, much more comfortable speaking in front of a (small) group of people.

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