Book of the Month // Oct 2021

Ready to go down the rabbit hole?

Hallowe’en is upon us and this time we have a small selection of books that may scare the wits out of you. Let’s get stuck in.

A Deadly Fall

By Rich Wallace

A mystery is at hand. A spooky voice is calling Stu from an abandoned house on the hill. A long time ago an accident took the life of a young boy. Stu investigates to find out the circumstances of this so called accident.

The Little Red Wolf

By Amelie Flechais

We all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but this alternate take on the original tale takes us on a winding path of intrigue as we find out how the wolves come to fear humans. The message of the story is clear and powerful. With fantastic and colorful illustrations that get darker and darker as Little Red Wolf travels off the path he is strictly instructed to follow draws you, the reader deeper and deeper into the story. Will the hunter find the wolf? Why not find out.


By Barbara Cantini

This little zombie girl wants one thing, a true friend. Being a zombie she can’t help but hide how different she is from people around her. She comes up with a brilliant plan around Hallowe’en to make some friends. Follow her adventure and see if she’s just like all the other ordianary children.

These are obviously not the only books that you can read this Hallowe’en, but what a great selection? For more why not check out EPIC for some fantastic new books.

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