This Week’s Writing // August 9th

This week the students have continued to practice their writing skills. Especially the middle school students honing in on thier grammar skills before their transition into high school. We’ve got a variety of missions and a few topics. Let’s see how the students fair.

Ryan Kim; Strange Day.

Today is a very strange day. Because first my stukyi is dieing. I was sad. This is not strange. But different kinds of plants are growing next to my stukyi! I called my mom.  My mom was very surprised. Next I went to Shooting Star,  a large beetle landed on my cheek! Then I hit the beetle. But it didn’t go. I was in despair. Then I thought it is a bad dream. But it wasn’t.

Henry Ahn; What’s Inside the box?

There was a box infront of my house. I wanted to open it right away. But I didn’t know who it’s from. First, I carried it to my house. It was so heavy. I started to open the box slowly. However there was another box in it. The box was black and looked very expensive. I started to open the black box. I thought there was gold bars or a baseball glove, something that I wanted to get inside the box. I finally opened the box. But there was a coin. So I bought an ice cream with it, because it’s too hot these days. It tasted really good. I couldn’t get gold bars or baseball glove, but I could eat cool ice cream for free.

My Dad is a Cow; Emily Kim

I went to the past. I wore a hanbok. There are many colorful hanboks. I went to my house. My dad was not in the house. A big cow slept in my house. I lived with the big cow. The big cow’s name is Sam.  Sam ate too much food. So, I had little money. I decided to ‘Give little food to Sam!’ Sam was annoyed, And I had a terrible thing happen. The terrible happen was, Sam spoke! When I gave little to Sam, Sam talked. It was scary. But in the house, there only lived me and Sam. So, I started to work too much. Because, I need to make much money.  And I sold my hanbok. I gave much food to Sam again. However, Sam said “This food is not tasty. I want meat!” I wondered ‘Is Sam really a cow? I thought, Sam was a person.’  But I worked hard. Because I gave meat to a cow. I thought agan. ‘Does a eat meat….? I know cows eat vegetables.’ After some time, Sam said “I’m not a cow. I am your dad, When I was young, I didn’t work. I played at home. So, I became a cow.” I was surprised. So, I asked “How did you change my dad?” Sam said “I worked hard, but now I don’t work hard, I eat meat. So now I will work hard.”  I decided. ‘I will work hard with Sam.’ After time Sam worked very hard, So Sam changed back to my dad. My dad said. “When you are young, work hard. If you just paly you will change to a cow,” So I will work harder. And I am living happily with my dad.

Ben Jeong; One Lucky Day.

One day, when I went outside, I found a mystery box in front of my house. But, my family and I didn’t order anything. I thought that was someone else’s, so I was looking for names, but, I couldn’t find anything. Then, I wanted to open it. Inside the box, a letter was in there. I read that.

[Dear someone. Surprised~. This is my present for you. I don’t Know who will get this box, but I trust you can use it well. This box is magic box. Put something and close the box. Next day, you can get one more.I trust you use it to good things. Bye~]

I couldn’t trust it at first, but soon I was ready to try it. First, I put my comic book, and closed the box. Then next day, I got one more! My new book was as perfect as the original. I was so shocked. A few minutes later, I put 10 dollars in there. When the next day came, there was 20 dollars Inside the box! I wanted to show other people, but I couldn’t trust others. Then I did last try. I put my baseball glove.Maybe, I will succeed again, I’ll put in my all of the money. I waited next day very happily.
The next day, I woke up very hopeful. However….. there was only a glove without magic box. I asked my mom.“Where is my box?” My mom said “Your box? I thought you ordered new glove, so I took it and I threw away the box. It is in the garbage now.” “Whattt??” I ran as fast as lightning. But, I was late.The box was already broken in the garbage. I shouted aloud. “NOOOOO!!!”

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