This Week’s Writing // July 7th

The Green Dog, By Jayden Jeon;

Walking down the street on a sunny day a green dog flies up to me and meows. My friend and I wondered to it. But it disappeared to a forest. In the evening I was wondering about it, so I thought will find it tomorrow. The next day, I called my friends and went to the forest. Then the green dog appeared. We caught it. He had a wing and his fur was green. It’s like an alien. He lives alone, so I took it to my home. I took a picture and showed to my friends. They were really surprised. They came to my home and touched it. The green dog was scared of them. Then, my mom saw it and she screamed. She thought it was a bug. When I was sleeping my mom took it too a zoo. I noticed it and I was sad.


Walking down the street on a sunny day a green dog flies up to me and meows. My friend and I were surprised. I asked my friend ” Can dogs fly?” My friend said “Maybe….?” He looked like super man. So we called him “Super Green Dog Cat.” He was so cute. He was poplar in this coountry, because he did many thing in this country. First, he helped old people. Last Wednesday, a grandma put trash in trash can and Super Green Dog Cat ran to the grandma. He helped grandma. Second, people felt very happy. Pedple looked at Super Green Dog Cat. The felt very happy. Third, Super Green Dog Cat made people very happy. He looked like a dog, but he said “meows, meows.” So people felt happy. Look at this! He did many things in this country, so he was popular.(and he was cute!) Then, Super Green Dog Cat helpeed many people the country now! Many people wanted him to be very happy.

                                                                        Marry with Dog, By Emily Kim;

Walking down the street  on a sunny day a Green Dog flies up to me and meows. My friend and I were suiprised. So my friend said”what is this!? It looked like a green dog cat!” “What is a green dogcat?” I asked to my friend. He said, “Its’s a mixed green dog and cat. In short a strange animal.”  “Oh my god…”  Suddenly, Green Dog came to us. And said, “Hi nice to meet you”  So we were surprised again. We were scared, but we had courage.”H….Hi ni……nice to m….meet you….t…….too.” The Green Dog said, “Did you say I’m a strange animal?” My friend said,”ye…yes, I’m sorry..” “That’s okay, but I’m not strange animal… just..just amazing animal.” “oh!” Now, we are not scared. So, we palyed with Green Dog. And we went to my house with Green Dog. By the way!! Green Dog loves my dog. So Green Dog said.”I love your dog, I want to marry with your dog.” My friend and I were once agian surprised.. But I think my dog loved green dog, too. So my dog and Green Dog were to marry. They got married, and they are now living happily.

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